All student accounts required at Basic Academy (AD (Active Directory), Google,
Google email, Canvas and Student Portal for Infinite Campus) will use this login.


You start the process at:


Follow the directions below to update your password, create a new password because you forgot it, 
or reset it or establish the account for the first time.

  • Select option 1: Reset your password etc.

  • Select option 2: I have forgotten my password (whether you have forgotten your password or just want to change it).  It's the middle option.

  • Enter the first part of your district / school gmail address (Example: Jane.123456 this is the first part of your email address) and check the box that you are not a robot and then wait for the checkmark to turn green or do the captcha if required. 

  • Enter your birthday making sure you use 2 digits for month - 2 digits for day - 4 digits for year. You must use dashes in between the month- day-year (do not use slashes it won't work!!).

  • Create your new password in the next screen following the password protocol: a minimum of 8 characters, one lower case letter, one upper case letter, and a number or a symbol.

  • Click next and then a new password should be created if you have completed the information correctly.

If it does not work check that you've carefully followed the instructions above. Try it again and 
if after several tries it's still not working:  Call User
Support at Basic at: 702-799-8000.

How to Reset Your CCSD Student Password