Musical Instruments and Equipment

Students are responsible for labeling the outside of their cases with an identification tag or other appropriate material. The school is not responsible for loss of or damage to a privately owned instrument. All students with an instrument will also be issued a school locker and lock. Privately owned instruments can be inexpensively insured through the parents’ homeowners’ policy. Students will show respect for each other’s property, as well as the band room’s contents. Disregard for each other’s belongings will result in immediate disciplinary action and will be responsible for the cost of repair. Instruments are very valuable, and should not be handled carelessly.


School-Owned Instruments

 A limited amount of school instruments is available for student use. Students should see a director as soon as possible to check out an instrument. Students are responsible for any minor repairs necessary during the school year and for returning the instrument in the same condition that it was issued. There is no rental fee for school instruments. All students who check out a school instrument will also be issued a school locker and lock. Students are responsible for keeping their instruments secure. Failure to keep instruments in a safe place and/or failure to properly maintain instruments will result in immediate removal of the instrument from the student. Students will complete an instrument sign-out form, and will also receive a copy of the checkout policy agreement. Students will be expected to have the borrowed instruments cleaned before their return. Students can take the instruments to Kessler & Sons and bring the receipt to the band office to show cleaning or pay the band department directly $40 for cleaning fee per instrument. Note: Students will be charged extra for additional damage.

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