All payments (cash, credit or money order ONLY) are paid to the Basic Academy Banker,  (during school hours until 2pm). NO checks will be accepted and the band office cannot accept payments. Payments may be made online with a credit card at the Basic Webstore (there is a small fee to use the Webstore), > school store > Performing Arts (on the left side)> Band Fees. You may have to create a Webstore account. Click here for instructions. Please send a copy of the receipt to MaryKay,, so your payment can be logged into Charms. The Charms program and the school Online Store are not linked and do not update together.
You may also pay in person with the school banker (the banker has lunch from 10:30 - 11:30), Cash, Money Order or Credit Cards accepted. Please get 2 receipts from the school banker and give one to MaryKay so she can log it into Charms. Partial payments are always accepted.

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