My name is Samuel Ward, the new Assistant Director of Bands at Basic. I’m a trombone player, an active adventurer, and an avid Hamilton fan. I was born in Utah and lived there most of my life, aside from two years I spent in Sacramento, California as a religious missionary for my church. I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Although I was a music student, I also love statistics and was able to work as a course assistant in the introductory Statistics class at BYU; providing me the chance to improve my teaching skills and serve students throughout my college experience. 


I also had incredible opportunities to travel with BYU: a music convention in Hong Kong, music tours with two ensembles to Texas and China, and a fantastic experience teaching at two music conventions in Bolivia. Although I graduated only months ago and this is my first official teaching position, I have had many opportunities to teach and perform in various capacities. Beginning in junior high I have always loved marching band and jazz band, and continually participated in both, and last summer I was able to teach as a staff member of a marching band in Utah.


I am so grateful for this opportunity to teach and so excited to work with all of you as students and parents. I intend to create an experience that is joyful, exciting, and meaningful, as music should always be.


Sam Ward